Planning an event? I've already got your soundtrack!

Planning an event? I've already got your soundtrack!

The RIGHT music for ANY occasion!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Just the right music, at just the right moment

As a case in point, take the fundraiser for Alamo Elementary School from yesterday evening. As I was playing background and dinner music, the auctioneer approached me just prior to the live auction, and suggested that I play snippets of music going into each auction item ~ songs that were either somehow related to that item, or were just going to help in getting the crowd's excitement level up.

So, in a pinch, here's a sampling of what I came up with on the fly. (And, yes, items 409, 410, 411, 416 and 418 got their own music, too.)

Item #401 ~ Pizza for a Whole Year. Song: "That's Amore" by Dean Martin

Item #402 ~ Trifecta of Golf (3 premium courses). Song: "I'm Alright" by Kenny Loggins (from the movie "Caddyshack")

Item #403 ~ Fit Tech 1 Bike. Song: "Bicycle Race" by Queen

Item #404 ~ Electra Cruiser Bike. Song: "Bike" by Pink Floyd

Item #405 ~ VIP Parking at the school. Song: "Out In The Parkin' Lot" by Brad Paisley

Item #406 ~ Principal for the Day (for a student). Song: "Leader of the Pack" by The Shangri-La's

Item #407 ~ a Resort in Mexico. Song: "Margaritaville" by Jimmy Buffett

Item #408 ~ Palm Springs Family Vacation. Song: "Vacation" by the Go-Go's

Item #412 ~ a Golden Retriever Puppy. Song: "Puppy Love" by Donny Osmond

Item #413 ~ Newport Beach Villas. Song: "Summer Breeze" by Jason Mraz

Item #414 ~ "Mad Men" Cocktail Party. Song: "Mack The Knife" by Bobby Darin

Item #415 ~ Backyard Movie Night/Restaurant Feast. Song: 20th Century Fox Fanfare, plus the THX sound effect

Item #417 ~ Heller Jewelers $500 Shopping Spree. Song: "What A Girl Wants" by Christina Aguilera

Item #419 ~ Ultimate Birthday Bash. Song: "Birthday" by The Beatles

Item #420 ~ San Francisco Experience. Song: "I Left My Heart In San Francisco" by Tony Bennett

Now, that's a pretty broad slice of music (and all of it found on short notice)!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Come on over!

Tonight I'm doing music for the kickoff mixer at Club Sport in San Ramon for the "Valley Pulse" group, part of San Ramon Chamber of Commerce (a new group for younger professionals).