Planning an event? I've already got your soundtrack!

Planning an event? I've already got your soundtrack!

The RIGHT music for ANY occasion!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Holiday playlists

Whew! I'm not so sure there's any "not busy" time of year! Having said that, however, I've had enough of a lull in activities during the past week or so that I've been able to get some back-burner projects tended to.

Specifically, I've been rounding up all of the holiday music in my collection and gathering it under one "roof" in my laptop (I should say "roofs", since each holiday is getting it's own umbrella). The "Genius" feature in i-Tunes has been helpful, as have been the copious notes I've kept over the years. Now I can finally get rid of those scattered papers! Songs pertaining to St. Patrick's Day and Easter took no time at all to organize, but some of the major holidays took awhile longer.

What this means is that I finally have to look in only one place to see all of the music I have which pertains to a given holiday - for example, the 3 Christmas songs from the "Love Actually" soundtrack or the 1 Christmas song by Queen or The Eagles are all together now, ready for quick reference and play-ability at the next event.

So far, I've completed Halloween (a bit after the fact, but I've discovered I have plenty of music for more than 4 hours with no repeats!), Christmas (well over 300 songs!) and New Year's Eve (alot more than you'd expect, especially when you dust off old Timbuk 3 hits!). When I get my next scheduling lull, I'll do the same for patriotic and Summer songs.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The latest...

Just did another wedding reception yesterday; this one was held at "Bosco's Bones and Brew" in Sunol. Second floor. Ouch. Had I known about that ahead of time, I might have asked for a larger stipend. As it was, I should have at least allowed for more time to go up and down those stairs, because I wasn't able to set up my lights! Oh well.

Bosco's was named in honor of a dog back in the 80s who made his way onto the local ballot for Mayor of Sunol, and actually got quite a few votes! Those wacky small town folk.

Now our thoughts can turn to the holiday season. I've got a case of CDs devoted solely to Christmas and New Year's Eve music, and not all of it is the stuff you'll hear at "the other guy's" holiday party (i.e., Jingle Bell Rock...). Specifically, I've got a sweet opening right now for the evening of Friday, December 18. Somebody help me fill it!