Planning an event? I've already got your soundtrack!

Planning an event? I've already got your soundtrack!

The RIGHT music for ANY occasion!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Another chance to meet your DJ!

Some things just have a ring of tradition about them. February brings that old weather-predicting ground rodent (who has only been correct about 35% of the time, by the way), March is the official start of Spring, April brings showers, May brings flowers, etc. Here in California, these events have been somewhat askew the last few weeks! Winter has lingered, and showers have persisted. Let's hope that April finally brings that beautiful spring weather we've all been waiting for!

As you can see from my previous post, I'm setting up in the streets of downtown Walnut Creek in a few days, along with scores of exceptional autos, and nice weather would sure be appreciated for that!

Coming up right after that, the town of Danville kicks off their season of outdoor events with the Spring Fling on April 7. This is a Thursday evening, where shoppers and restaurant-goers are encouraged to stay out a bit later and enjoy the products and services that local businesses have to offer. Spring Fling is actually going to occur over more than one date, and is being produced in conjunction with the Danville Area Sustainable Business Council - just in time for Earth Day! Complete information can be found at

I've been asked to provide music right in the heart of downtown, at the corner of Prospect and Hartz Ave, for both the April 7 and April 21 events. Come on by and see me! I'll have all of my thousands of songs with me, so request to hear your favorite!

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