Planning an event? I've already got your soundtrack!

Planning an event? I've already got your soundtrack!

The RIGHT music for ANY occasion!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Why do other DJ companies charge more?"

That question comes up occasionally, so I'm glad you asked.

The answer is, "I don't know." I don't know their business model, tax situation, advertising expenses, staffing needs, or any of their other costs of doing business.

With me, it's just me. I do all my own planning, paperwork and equipment hauling, and I keep a lid on when and where I place my advertising dollars.

Then there's the idea of "perceived quality". Some companies take the chance that certain clients will be willing to pay more if they believe they're getting a better product - or a better overall experience. But in our line of work, what are the tangibles that you're paying for? Music, a sound system, perhaps lights, and a professional presentation. You get all that when you hire me - and you'll likely be paying less in the process.

So, it's really more like comparing apples to apples. Are you okay with paying more for your apples at Draeger's or Whole Foods? Sure, it's a nice experience. But so is going to the farmer's market, where your money goes directly to that nice man from Watsonville with the 14 different varieties and that pleasant personal service.

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