Planning an event? I've already got your soundtrack!

Planning an event? I've already got your soundtrack!

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Summer Events: sum'r okay, sum'r great!

It's that post-wedding, post-graduation time of the year again. And aside from this blog, my only real advertising has been the yellow pages ad. I thought I'd try to kick-start things a bit by offering my services for free at a couple of events (one of which didn't work out).

Toward the end of June, "Auto Affair" (an auto accessories retailer for owners of Ferrari's, etc.) sponsored an "exotic and performance auto show" here in Danville. On one end of the parking lot, a live band was set up near the American Classic cars (Mustangs, etc.), and on the other end (with the European models), I was set up playing a combination of techno instrumentals, classic rock and adult/latin pop. One of the owners insisted that the music on his laptop was best suited for the clientele (James Blunt, Andrea Bocelli, etc.), so I wired it into my system for the first hour. After awhile, however, people started complaining that his music was boring, and I began doing my own thing, to rave reviews. A few business cards were taken, and so far, one inquiry has come in. Sadly, I had to turn it down, since I already had another gig for that date.

Danville turned 150 this year, while also celebrating the 50th anniversary of it's fabled July 4 parade. "Hay Days" was resurrected for the occasion, and I thought I'd try to piggy-back onto some of the festivities by setting up at Trader Joe's (for free!). Everything was going well until the property management thought the wires, etc., might be a liability, and so they put the kibosh on it.

Undaunted, I proceeded for the second year in a row to provide music for our homeowners' association's annual July 4 BBQ at the pool/clubhouse. I taped down the electrical cords and set up the heavy equipment prior to the parade, then left early to finish setting up before noon. By all accounts, things went great! Except for one 7-year-0ld's request for some song about a Frog, I was able to play every request. With a combination of patriotic tunes, top 40, oldies and kids' favorites, it was a success! The kids were dancing, people were smiling, and I got paid!

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